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Is Community Ownership A Vehicle For Retirement?

Community ownership is an excellent vehicle for retirement and estate planning.  Two examples follow:  

  • Buy a community at about age 60, then sell at about age 70 when you start to wind down and reclaim your cash invested plus receive a mortgage that brings income until about age 90 to 100.  Work 10 years for the community and let it work twenty or thirty years for you.
  • Another plan starts earlier.  Buy a community while still working and let rents pay off the mortgage, producing a tremendous income at retirement time.

Whatever your financial plan, Fortune Real Estate is ready to match your investment goals with a proper property investment to achieve them.  We promise to be honest and frank.

Caveat:  The foregoing is generally descriptive of mobile home communities, manufactured home communities, and RV parks; however some of our offerings are operated more like apartments when the community owns and rents the living units.  These generally offer greater risk, more intense management, and greater cash rewards.