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About the property

SOLD on 7.26.16!!! FILL UP OPPORTUNITY Filling 10 mobile home lots and vacant RV lots during season will increase total net income to over $100,000.00! This property has panoramic views of the river connecting into a large lake with nearly 200 ft. of shoreline exposure, including a waterfront recreational building. It has a relaxed pet friendly country atmosphere and is just minutes away from the Gulf of Mexico and I-75. Filling 10 Mobile Home lots, inceasing seasonal RV occupancy up to the current market, selling vacant mobile home and renting the cottage will increase net operating income to over $100,000.00.

  • Price: $530,000.00
  • Spaces Developed: 49
  • Acreage (APPROX.): 8.6+-
  • Water Access / Frontage / View: Yes
  • Location: West Central Florida, 15miles to Gulf of Mexico
  • Property Type: Sold • 7/26/16
  • Summary Fact Sheet: Download

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