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About the property

SOLD!!!! 1/26/18 $2.87M!!! – Free upgraded cable TV, free Wi-Fi for 30 days, phone hook -ups, & onsite store with ATM. Nearby State parks & outdoor recreation. Safari land includes a variety of animals and birds. HUGE state college nearby.

EXPANSION OPPORTUNITY! Room for 100 + sites. Open year round. 42 contiguous overnight sites designed for clubs, rallies, and sporting events. Propane sales offered. Convenient to highly regarded state and federal medical facilities. The 4 Rental Cabins are currently being used as family housing. Excellent opportunity for a owner/ operator to live comfortably and receive a large return on his investment.

  • Price: $3,199,000.00
  • Spaces Developed: 114
  • Acreage (APPROX.): 49+-
  • Location: West Central Florida
  • Property Type: Sold • 1/26/18
  • Summary Fact Sheet: Download

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